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Why A Short Sales Pitch is a Good Pitch – My blog



An important note to make about these sales pitches is that they are all amazingly optimized for a short conversation — and the sales reps were extremely efficient with their time.

All the top sales pitches were under 35 seconds, while the top two winners (sales representatives from Brightfunnels and Conga) were able to explain what their company does in 19 and 9 seconds respectively.

I can’t stress enough how much brevity matters for a sales pitch. Gong.io had the latest data on this, and they highlight how certain language patterns for salespeople have a negative effect on their sales pitch. Talking too much, using filler words, and talking about their company for more than two minutes are among the three conversation killers Gong identified.

They have the full data on it in an excellent article they published on SalesHacker, but I think any experienced sales representative would be able to tell you this without looking at any data whatsoever.

Talking too much and not listening enough kills your sale. So, keep your sales pitch short, clean, and simple! Your customers will thank you.

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