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9 tips to turn your kid into a genius – My blog



When a child doesn’t get the right attention and motivation, he or she can’t come up with his or her full latent potential. Parenting is basically an art that needs patience to develop the best things in your kids. Positive parenting in the early years creates a positive and healthy brain that protects the kid from negative influences and antisocial behaviour.

For a child, his or her parent is considered as the first teacher and remains throughout his or her life. In fact, there are many children who behave, imitate and react to a particular situation the same as their parents do.

It has been observed in many children that they find difficulty in learning things as per the demand of the present scenario, despite having the best schooling, which brings down their development and progress.

Also, it is observed that parental engagement creates a positive impact on a child’s development, such as improvement in creativity, social skills, better learning at school, cooperation with teachers and peers, and overall personal growth with high aplomb.

It is necessary to work on increasing the concentration, power and turning your kids into a genius.

Here are a few tips to increase the concentration power in your children:

1. Develop creative thinking

Habit of thinking creatively must be developed in kids. He and she should be able to find imaginative and creative solutions to the problem through common objects.

This will help the kid to use his or her skills and solutions of all the problems in the future

2. Adopt a critical-thinking mindset

To learn convincingly, discuss every side of an argument. The habit of analysing the facts and data to build up a judgment must be developed in a child.

Rational, sceptical, unbiased analysis or evaluation of factual evidence should be taught to children by doing it alongside them.

3. Stop procrastinating

It is the force that prevents a child from following what you set out to do. Procrastination is the prevention of doing a task that needs to be skilled by a predetermined time frame.

It could be additionally fixed as a usual delay of completing anything although significant might have adverse effect.

4. Exercise daily

It plays a vital role in a child’s development as it allows the brain to function normally and keeps the body fit.

5. Eat well

It is necessary to have a balanced diet comprising all essential nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, minerals, proteins and vitamins.

6. Play indoor and outdoor games

Indoor and outdoor games are helpful in increasing child’s memory capacity, helps with fast strategic thinking and problem-solving, develops hand-eye coordination, skill building and many more.

Games like chess can sharpen their thinking skills and improve their memory.

7. Problem-solving from a different perspective

This capability must be developed in a child that will help him/her in attaining the desired results.

This helps children to see different aspects and views for the same situation and all the possibilities to solve them.

8. Laugh more

This adds to endorphins and sends dopamine shooting to the brain. Laughter helps in increasing the blood circulation and flushes the lungs of stale residual air.

9. Master the emotions

Parents should ensure that over-pampered children may turn into emotional wrecks. They should ensure that their children should learn to manage emotions by focusing on the feeling instead of the thought that generated it.

These days, Emotional Quotient is given more importance than Intelligent Quotient. Hence it is imperative for the parents that they are vigilant while they are with their kid and help society by giving it a child prodigy.

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